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Marie-Claire ALAIN

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Mardi 2 Mars
Grenoble (38)


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 1 - Laura ELLIS
 • Music for the Testaments Old and New •
  • H. Berlinski : The Burning Bush and Shalosh Regalim (The Three Festivals)
  • S. Paulus : King Davidís Dance
  • P. Richards : Praise
  • K. Branson : The Transformation of Jeremiah; Meditation on Luke 2;21 (The Circumcision of Christ)
  • D. Pinkham : A prophecy
  • J. Martinson : Incarnation Suite
  • S. Bingham : Annunciation
  • P. J. Sifler : Contemplations on the Seven Words of Christ on the Cross
  • L. King : Resurrection
  • S. Montague : Behold a Pale Horse
- Gainesville University of Florida
- Disque Raven; OAR-995, 2016?
Andrew Anderson Memorial Organ, University of Florida, Gainesville
2015 Reuter Organ Co., 5m, 99 ranks
1924 Skinner Organ Co. Op. 501, 4m, 61 ranks
1965-66 Aeolian-Skinner Op. 501-A, 4m, 67 ranks, new Great
1966 Aeolian-Skinner Op. 501-B, Pedal tonal changes using old Great chests
1966-1970 Aeolian-Skinner Op. 501-C, -D, -E Swell revised, leather, mechanics, 78 ranks
1980 M. P. Möller Op. R-105, 5m, 85 ranks; 1992 M. P. Möller Op. 11855, 5m, 99 ranks

  1 disc  

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