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  2 discs  

 1 - Damin SPRITZER
  • R. L. Becker : Marche Pontificale; Marche Militaire, op. 62; Marche Nuptiale, op. 1, no. 2; Allegro Risoluto, op. 68b; Postlude in F-sharp Major, op. 69d; Sur la Rivière, op. 77b; Meditation, op. 51, no. 5; Clair de Lune, op. 75b; Rêve des Anges, op. 53a; Idylle Angélique, op. 71 duet with Adam Pajan; Pastorella, op. 81b; In Chapel, op. 81d; Song of Joy, op. 81e; Melodie Elégiaque op. 2
- Denver St-Johnís Episcopal Cathedral
- Disque Raven; OAR-999, vers 2015, Vol. 3
1938 Kimball 113 ranks, St. John's Cathedral, Denver

 2 - Eric PLUTZ
   • Denver Jubilee •
  • L. Sowerby : Jubilee (1959)
  • M. Reger : Benedictus op. 59/9
  • M. Dupré : Prélude et fugue op. 7/2
  • J. S. Bach : Come Sweetest Death, Chaconne in D minor, BWV 1004 (arr H. Messner, 1896)
  • P. Whitlock : Scherzetto from Sonata for Organ (1936)
  • E. Gigout : Scherzo
  • C. Saint-Saëns : Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in C minor, Op. 37
  • G. Near : Saraband on Land of Rest, from Suite fro Organ (1966)
  • H. Smart : Postlude in D (1871)
- Denver St-Johnís Episcopal Cathedral
- Disque Pro Organo;, 2012
DENVER JUBILEE is the premiere recording of the newly-restored 4-manual W. W. Kimball organ originally installed during the 1930s in Denver's St. John's Episcopal Cathedral. This noteworthy restoration, by Joseph Rotella and Spencer Organ Company, Inc., Boston, is displayed in its full beauty and vast dynamic range in the CD program played by Princeton University Organist Eric Plutz.

  2 discs  

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