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 1 - Kevin BOWYER
 • Green and Pleasant Land , vol. 2 •
  • G. F. Vincent : Coro Grandioso
  • W. C. M. Filby : A Child at Prayer
  • O. A. King : Pavan
  • B. L. Selby : Study in B flat
  • Edward D'Evry : Meditation in A minor on an old French Noel
  • B. Jackson : Eventide (Berceuse), Morning Song
  • E. W. Healey : A Short Fugal Postlude
  • G. C. Richardson : Grand choeur maestoso
  • H. Holloway : Allegretto grazioso
  • J. Pullein : Short Piece in E flat
  • A. P. Porter : Postlude in F minor
  • E. Halsey : Nocturne in E minor
  • F. J. Kitchener : Dawn of Spring
  • A. G. Colborn : Postlude in A minor
  • W. R. J. Mclean : Chanson
  • R. Driffill : Cantaline in A minor
  • Purcell James Mansfield : Concert Scherzo in F
- Beverley Minster
- Disque Priory; PRCD 1193, mai 2017
This volume is the second and features more of the 363 pieces that were written in Charles Vincent’s periodical “The Organ Loft” which ran to 120 issues between June 1900 and December 1915. Most of the pieces were written by well-established or up and coming British composers of the day – some of whom no doubt lost their lives in the First World War. Occasional works featured composers from overseas. Biographical detail is scarce for many of the composers but perhaps one day these will be researched – if time and money is available.

  1 disco  

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