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 1 - Stephen THARP
 • Hymns -Old and new •
  • C. Goudimel
  • H. Howells
  • W. H. Monk
  • W. Croft
  • T. Tallis
  • C. V. Stanford
  • W. K. Trafka
  • ...
- Toledo Cathedral of our Lady-Queen of the Most Holy Rosary
- Disque JAV; 162, 2007
List of Hymns on the CD
The strife is o’er, the battle won - tune: Victory (William H. Monk)
All my hope on God is founded - tune: Michael (Herbert Howells)
Comfort, comfort ye my people - tune: Psalm 42 (Claude Goudimel)
A mighty fortress is our God - tune: Ein feste Burg (Martin Luther)
Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound - tune: New Britain
God of our fathers, whose almighty hand - tune: National Hymn (George W. Warren)
I vow to thee, my country - tune: Thaxted (Gustav Holst)
The Church’s one foundation - tune: Aurelia (Samuel S. Wesley)
Joyful, joyful, we adore thee - tune: Hymn to Joy (Ludwig van Beethoven)
When Jesus left his Father’s throne - tune: Kingsfold (English folk melody, adapt. Ralph V. Williams)
Hark! A thrilling voice is sounding - tune: Merton (William H. Monk)
All glory, laud and honor - tune: Valet will ich dir geben (Melchior Teschner)
The Lord will come and not be slow - tune: York (The CL Psalmes of David)
Ride on! Ride on in majesty! - tune: The King’s Majesty (Graham George)
O God, our help in ages past - tune: St. Anne (William Croft)
I heard the voice of Jesus say - tune: The Third Tune (Thomas Tallis)
As newborn stars were stirred to song - tune: Alexandra (John K. Hirten)
Notre Dame, Our Mother - tune: Notre Dame (Joseph Casasanta)
Lo, how a Rose e’er blooming - tune: Es ist ein Ros
Lord, you give the great commission - tune: Tully (William Trafka)
When in our music God is glorified - tune: Engelberg (Charles V. Stanford)
Only begotten, Word of God eternal - tune: Rouen (melody from Vesperale)

 2 - Stefan ENGELS
  • S. Karg-Elert : Drei Impressionen op. 108, Kathedralfenster op. 106, Chorale Improvisation, Drei Neue Impressionen op. 142
- Toledo Cathedral of our Lady-Queen of the Most Holy Rosary
- Disque Priory; 819, 2004 Vol. 2

 3 - Ken COWAN
  • E. Humperdinck : Prelude to Hansel and Gretel
  • F. Mendelssohn : 1re Sonate
  • M. E. Bossi : Ave Maria, Giga
  • C. Franck : 1er Choral
  • E. Gigout : Toccata
  • A. Fleury : Variations sur un Noël bourguignon
  • A. Dvorak : Humoresk
  • C. M. von Weber : Overture to Oberon
- Toledo Cathedral of our Lady-Queen of the Most Holy Rosary
- Disque JAV; 131, 2001

 4 - Todd WILSON
  • G. Thalben-Ball : Intégrale -Elegy, Tune E, Variations on a theme by Paganini for pedal, Poema, Toccata Beorma, Edwardia, Elegy from little book
  • A. Hollins : Overture c
  • W. A. Mozart : Introduction and Fugue g. min.
  • M. Festing : Largo, Allegro, Aria and Variations
  • H. W. Davies : Interlude c, Solemn Melody
  • F. Schubert : The Bee
  • J. Stanley : Voluntary F
  • P. A. Yon : Humoresque
  • G. Weitz : Stella Maris
- Toledo Cathedral of our Lady-Queen of the Most Holy Rosary
- Disque JAV; 127, 2000

 5 - Stuart FORSTER
  • G. Koehne : Gothic Toccata
  • P. Grainger : Blithe Bells
  • L. Vierne : Allegro vivace de 1° Symphonie
  • C. H. H. Parry : Bridal March
  • J. S. Bach : Choral BWV 645
  • R. Porter-Brown : Tuba Tune
  • A. Dvorak : 9° Symphonie ‘Du nouveau Monde' {transcription S. Forster}
- Toledo Cathedral of our Lady-Queen of the Most Holy Rosary
- Disque JAV; 113, 1998 Vol. 8

  5 disques  

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