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Mercredi 27 Octobre
Royan (17)


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  3 disques  

 1 - David HIGGS [1], William PORTER [2], Hans DAVIDSSON [3]
   • The Craighead-Saunders Organ •
  • S. Kennedy : ”3-3-33” [1, 2, 3]
  • J. S. Bach : Sei gegrüßet, Jesu, gütig (a diverse Partite), BWV 768 [2]
  • K. P. E. Bach : Sonata in F Major, Wq 70/3 [3]
  • J. L. Krebs : Trio a 2 Claviere e Pedale in E-flat major [3]
  • J. C. Kittel : Praeludium VII in E-flat major, Praeludium VIII in E-flat major [1]
  • Félix Mendelssohn : Sonata I [1]
  • M. Herchenröder : Toccata and Lament [3]
- Rochester Christ Episcopal Church
- Disque Loft;, 2011
The Craighead-Saunders Organ in Christ Church, Rochester is the newest instrument in the collection at the Eastman School of Music. The organ is the result of an eight-year international research project documenting and copying the 1776 organ by Adam Gottlob Casparini (1715-1788) in the Holy Ghost Church in Vilnius, Lithuania, one of the best preserved late-baroque organs in all of Europe. After a thorough documentation of the original instrument, a team from GOArt, at Gothenburg University in Sweden, led by Mats Arvidsson and Munetaka Yokota, worked closely with the Eastman School of Music and a group of some of the finest organbuilders in America (Steven Dieck, Paul Fritts, Bruce Fowkes, Martin Pasi, and George Taylor) to produce the first research instrument after Casparini anywhere in the world, and the first large-scale historical reconstruction at this level in America.

 2 - David HIGGS [1], William PORTER [2], Hans DAVIDSSON [3], Jonathan WESSLER [4], Thatcher LYMAN [5], Stephen KENNEDY [6]
   • Mendelssohn Rarities •
  • Félix Mendelssohn : Allegro moderato maestoso [March] in C Major, MWV W44 [1], Andante in F Major, MWV W30 [1], Andante [with Variations] in D Major, MWV W32 [1], Andante - Sanft in D Major, MWV W6 [2], Allegro [Choral and Fugue] in D Minor/Major, MWV W33 [2], Andante con moto in G Minor, MWV W15 [5], Präludium in C Minor, MWV W28 [5], Präludium in D Minor, MWV W2 [4], Allegro in B-flat Major, MWV W47 [6], Nachspiel in D Major, MWV W12 [3],
  • Félix Mendelssohn : Sechs Sprüche (Op. 79); Aus tiefer Noth schrei ich zu dir (Op. 23. No. 1), MWV B20; Verleih uns Frieden, MWV A11; Aria (“Bei dir gilt nichts den Gnad’ und Gunst”); Choral (“Und ob es währt bis in die Nacht”)
- Rochester Christ Episcopal Church
- Disque Loft; LRCD 1119, 2010, 2012, Christ Church Schola Cantorum, David Baskeyfield orgue, dir. Stephen Kennedy
Sechs Sprüche (Op. 79)
4. Spruch #5, Im Advent, MWV B54 1:42
5. Spruch #1, Weihnachten, MWV B42 1:41
6. Spruch #2, Am Neujahrstage, MWV B44 3:04
7. Spruch #4, In der Passionszeit, MWV B50 1:58
8. Spruch #6, Am Charfreitage, MWV B52 1:44
9. Spruch #3, Am Himmelfahrstage, MWV B55 1:44

  • J. S. Bach : L'Art de la fugue BWV 1080
- Rochester Christ Episcopal Church
- Disque Gothic;, Fev. mars 2010
The Craighead-Saunders organ (GoArt/Yokota) closely modeled after a 1776 instrument by the central German organbuilder, Casparini in Christ Episcopal Church, Rochester, NY

  3 disques  

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