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International Organ Competition DURUFLÉ - LITAIZE
  23rd - 26th november 2006

Organs in Paris
Notre-Dame d'Auteuil


The aim of the competition is to promote the knowledge and understanding of two 20th century masters - and friends - of the French organ : MAURICE DURUFLE (1902-1986) and Gaston LITAIZE (1909-1991).

The members of the jury have all been closely connected with Maurice DURUFLE and Gaston LITAIZE, as students and friends.

Gaston Litaize, photo Seeberger frères

On a wider basis, it will be an opportunity for musicians of different
schools and horizons to exchange their views and culture. The exceptional quality of the selected instruments is in itself an invitation to acquire a deeper knowledge of the cultural heritage of Paris, at the time when Durufle and Litaize were pursuing their creative activity.

During the Competition an Organ Recital by members of the jury :
  Saturday 25th nov. 2006, 8:30pm at
Paris, St-Antoine-des-Quinze-Vingts

The proceeds of this concert will go to the organisation of the competition

Rules of the competition

1. The Duruflé-Litaize Organ competition will be held in Paris, France, from November 23 to November 26, 2006, under the auspices of the Maurice and Marie-Madeleine DURUFLE Association and the Gaston LITAIZE Association.

2. The competition is open to organists of all nationalities without age limit.

3. Each application must include
-a registration form duly signed and completed
-a photocopy of identity card or passport
-the pre-selection dossier (see paragraph 8)
-a biography in French or English
-the registration fee of 50 euros which is nonrefundable, must be paid in Euros by cheque, bank draft or international money order payable to The Association Duruflé.

The Application should be addressed with enclosures no later than October 1st, 2006 to :
Association Maurice et
Marie-Madeleine DURUFLE
Concours Duruflé-Litaize
Alain Cartayrade
6 place du Panthéon
F-75005 Paris

4. Candidates remain anonymous to the jury at every stage of the competition.

5. The use of scores is allowed in all the competition rounds. No photocopies will be authorized.

6. The jury will consist of five members :
- Marie-Claire ALAIN (France, président)
- Olivier LATRY (France)
- Daniel ROTH (France)
- George BAKER (United States)
- Hans-Dieter MÖLLER (Germany)

7. The competition consists of a pre-selection recorded round and two rounds played in public : a semi-final and a final round.

8. For the pre-selection round, the competitor must send to the competition's office by October 1st, 2006 (postmarked no later than October 1st, 2006) the items requested for application together with a separate envelope containing the following three documents :
a) an anonymous sound recording of excellent quality made by the contestant either on DAT, CD , Minidisc or, if these are unavailable, on audiocassette. It must contain only the performance of the stipulated works, and must not be altered, improved or edited in any way, under penalty of being considered null and void.
b) a detailed description of the specifications of the instrument(s) used for the recording, without indicating where the organ(s) is/are located.
c) a statement on the contestant's honour stipulating that he/she is indeed the performer of the recorded works.

The results of the preselection round will be announced on October 16th, 2006. The contestants will be informed of the result after this date. The applications of the selected contestants will then be confirmed. Recordings will be returned to the contestants upon request.

9. Programmes of the competition :

Pre-selection recorded round :
-Bach : Trio super « Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend » BWV 655
-Duruflé : Scherzo (Ed. Durand)
-Litaize : Toccata sur le « Veni Creator », extraite des douze Pièces pour grand orgue (Ed. Leduc, 2ème volume)

Semi-final : Notre-Dame d'Auteuil, Paris 16°, on 23rd November
-Litaize : Toccata sur le « Veni Creator », extraite des douze Pièces pour grand orgue (Ed. Leduc, 2ème volume)
-Duruflé : Scherzo (Ed. Durand)
-Tournemire : Victimae paschali laudes, improvisation reconstituée par M. Duruflé, (Ed. Durand)

Final : St-Etienne-du-Mont, Paris 5°, on 26th November at 8.30 pm
-Langlais : Te Deum, op. 5 , extrait des Trois Paraphrases grégoriennes (Ed. Combre)
-Litaize : Lied, extrait des douze Pièces pour grand orgue (Ed. Leduc, 1er volume)
-L. Vierne : Impromptu, op. 54, extrait des Pièces de fantaisie, vol. 3 (Ed. Henry Lemoine)
-Duruflé : Prélude et Fugue sur le nom d'ALAIN, op. 7 (Ed. Durand)

The number of candidates selected after each round will be decided by the jury. The jury's decision is final.

10. Prizes and awards : a Maurice DURUFLE Prize and a Gaston LITAIZE prize of 2000 Euros each.

The prize-winners will be offered a number of recital engagements. A « Jury's Special Prize» and an Audience Prize of 1000 Euros each will be awarded, including vouchers, offered by various editors, for the purchase scores.

11. All the competition candidates, whether or not they are finalists, will be invited to take part in the Master Classes free of charge given by Marie-Claire ALAIN, Daniel ROTH and Olivier LATRY, on 27th November, on the Cavaillé-Coll organ in the church of Saint-Antoine-des-Quinze- Vingts, Paris 12e. The classes are open to everyone on payment of a fee of 50 Euros (please enrol before 1st September 2006).

12. The specifications of the organs and information about accommodation in Paris will be sent to candidates on acceptance of their application. All correspondence should be addressed to the Association Maurice et Marie- Madeleine Duruflé.

13. On signing the application form, the candidate implicitly accepts all the rules of the competition. In the case of disagreement, the French rules take precedence. Contentions will be settled by the competition committee alone.


Association Maurice et Marie-Madeleine DURUFLÉ
Frédéric Blanc, Alain Cartayrade
6 place du Panthéon
F-75005 Paris

Association Gaston LITAIZE
Olivier Latry, Eric Lebrun, Martine Litaize
96 rue Moulignon
F-77860 Quincy Voisins

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