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Jeudi 11 Mars
Alpe d'Huez (38)


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 1 - James HICKS
 • American Classic Fantastic! •
  • A. Rhea : Toccata on an American Folk Tune
  • J. Utterback : Sky Song Fancy
  • W. G. Still : Elegy
  • P. Manz : Hail the Day So Rich in Cheer
  • D. N. Johnson : Fugue à la Gigue
  • M. S. Wright : Lyric Rhapsody
  • H. E. Titcomb : Festive Flutes
  • S. Reiff : Festival Prelude
  • S. Bingham : Pastorale
  • R. Noble : La Bamba
  • J. la Montaine : Evensong
  • J. Hicks : Toccata; This is a Day of New Beginnings
- Morristown Presbyterian Church
- Disque Pro Organo; CD-7187, janv. 2003
Austin organ Op. 2234A, greatly enlarged by Austin in 1996 and also infected with 22 electronic stops exuding from the Swell, Choir, and Pedal, at The Presbyterian Church, Morristown, New Jersey.

  1 disco  

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