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  3 discos  

 1 - Christopher ALLSOP
   • The English cathedral series, vol. Xviii •
  • C. Tournemire : Te Deum
  • C. Debussy : Deuxième Arabesque (tr. L. Roques)
  • J. Alain : Première Fantaisie, Deuxième Fantaisie
  • A. Somervell : Aria in C
  • J. Bonnet : In memoriam Titanic op. 10
  • W. Mathias : Toccata giocosa
  • L. Vierne : Feux follets
  • D. Chostakovitch : Passacaglia de Katerina Izmaïlova, Festive Overture op. 96 (Tr. V. Allsop)
  • H. Distler : Spielstücke op. 18
  • D. Hunt : Tomkin's Trifle
- Worcester Cathedral
- Disque Regent;, 2014
orgue Kenneth Tickell, 2008

 2 - Marc DUBUGNON
  • L. Roques
- Vevey St-Martin
- Disque Gallo;, 1997

 3 - Marian Ruhl METSON
   • A Christmas organ Tour - Five Organs in & near Boston •
  • E. Lou Diemer : Go Tell It on the Mountain, What Star is This
  • J.-F. Dandrieu : Noël de Saintonge
  • J.-A. Villard : Appelons Nau, Noël Poitevin
  • A. Heiller : Es is ein Ros'
  • P. A. Yon : Gesu Bambino
  • A. Guilmant : 3 Noëls (Polonais, Ecossais, & Brabançon)
  • M. Dupré : In dulci Jubilo, Variations sur Adeste fidelis
  • J. S. Bach : Vom Himmel hoch, BWV 606
  • D. Pinkham : Pastorale on The Morning Star
  • J. Bull : Prelude & Carol Laet ons met herten reijne
  • S. Wesley : God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  • L. Roques : Noël, Les Anges dans nos campagnes, Noël, Pastorale after Couperin
  • Raynor. Taylor : Variations on Adeste Fidelis
  • A. Fleury : Variations on a Noël bourguignon
  • J. Brahms : Es is ein Ros'
  • D. Buck : Silent Night
  • T. Dubois : Noël
  • E. Gigout : Rhapsodie sur des noëls
- Boston Christ Church, Shirley Center, Boston Mission Church, Cambridge Harvard University Memorial Church, Methuen St-George's Primitive Methodist
- Disque Raven; OAR 260, 1994?
1. 1848 George Stevens organ, Shirley Center, two manuals and short pedal, original and intact

2. 1991 A. David Moore organ, Christ Church (Old North Church of Paul Revere fame), Boston

3. 1897 George S. Hutchings organ, Mission Church, Boston (where Ted Kennedy's Funeral was televised, the organ being heard internationally)

4. 1967 C. B. Fisk, Memorial Church, Harvard 4m (now removed for relocation to First Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas, and two organs will replace this one in Memorial Church, Harvard: a new Fisk will be built for the gallery of the church, and a used Aeolian-Skinner organ will be relocated to empty chambers flanking the chancel which is also known as Appleton Chapel)

5. 1889 James E. Treat & Co. organ, St. George's Primitive Methodist, Methuen, rebuilt with electric action by E. M. Skinner in the early 20th century, and rebuilt again in the 1960s by Andover Organ Company, reinstating tracker action with which the organ was originally built

  3 discos  

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