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 1 - Riccardo BONCI
   • The John Reading Manuscripts of Dulwich College - 500 years of organ music Cd 9 •
  • J. Blow, M. Greene, M. Seedo, W. Croft, J. James, J. Stanley, J. Reading, J. Barrett
- Dulwich Christ’s Chapel of God’s Gift
- Disque BRILLIANT;, 2010 (622)
1760 George England organ in Christ’s Chapel of God’s Gift.

1 John Blow 1648/9–1708 Voluntary for full organ 1’34
2 John James d.1745 A voluntary 4’58
3 Maurice Greene 1696–1755 A 2nd voluntary in F 3’51
4 John Stanley 1712–1786 A voluntary for the trumpet stop 7’09
5 Mr Seedo c.1700–1754 A 2nd voluntary in A minor 3’11
6 John James A voluntary for full swell, cornet and flute 5’06
7 John Reading 1685/6–1764 A trumpet air [II] 1’39
8 Maurice Green A 1st voluntary in G 2’36
9 John Reading A [double] voluntary 4’15
10 William Croft 1678–1727 A voluntary 2’46
11 John James A voluntary for the full swell and cornet 2’45
12 John Reading A trumpet for air 3’15
13 John Stanley A voluntary 5’21
14 John Barrett 1676–1719 A 1st volutary in D minor 4’45
15 Mr Seedo A 1st volutary in D minor 6’15
16 John Reading Air for French horns and flute 3’31
17 John Blow A double voluntary 3’28

 2 - Timothy ROBERTS
   • John Blow and his pupils •
  • J. Blow : A Hymn ; Praise to Our God Proclaim (The Divine Companion, 1701), Voluntary in G (No. 10)* , Cornet Voluntary in G (No. 29) , Voluntary in D minor (No. 6) , Voluntary in C (No. 1), Voluntary in A minor (No. 23) , Double Voluntary in C (No. 24), Voluntary in D minor (No. 8), Voluntary in D (No. 5b) , Voluntary in G minor (No. 17) , Voluntary in D minor (No. 7), Voluntary in G (No. 16), Double Voluntary in D minor (No. 27)
  • J. Clarke : An Evening Hymn (The Divine Companion, 1701)
  • H. Purcell : Voluntary on Old Hundredth, Voluntary in G
  • D. Purcell : O Let My Mouth be Filled with Thy Praise
  • W. Richardson : Funeral Anthem for the Use of Charity Children (1729)
  • J. Reading : Psalm 8 with prelude and interludes (tune; St John’s, Hackney) , Psalm 100 with prelude and interludes (tune; Old Hundredth)
  • anonyme (?Blow) : Voluntary in G minor (No. 60)
- Londres St Botolph without Aldgate
- Disque SFZ music;, 2007, avec 2 sopranos et une basse
The organ at St Botolph's Aldgate in the City of London is a remarkable survival, one of the most reliable witnesses to the sound of English church music of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. It is the oldest surviving English church organ, and the only surviving organ by Renatus Harris. It was built about 1704, when Harris was paid for the Trumpets and Echos (now the Swell). Standing at the easternmost gate of the ancient City of London, the church had not been burnt in the great fire of London of 1666, but was in any case replaced by a new building in 1744, designed by George Dance, in a style similar to Christopher Wren's City Churches. The organ was put into store and re-assembled in the new church by John Byfield, Renatus Harris's son in law. The organ has been rebuilt and altered since then, but the Victorian additions were removed by NP Mander Ltd in 1966. The organ was in 2006 restored to its 1744 state by Martin Goetze and Dominic Gwynn, but with a small pedal organ.

 3 - Margaret PHILLIPS
   • Voluntaries and Variations •
  • J. Bull : Een Kindeken is ons geboren
  • A. de Cabezon : Diferencias sobre el canto llano del caballero
  • J. P. Sweelinck : Unter der Linden grüne
  • D. Buxtehude : Passacaglia in D minor
  • J. Reading : Air for French Horns and Flutes
  • G. Farnaby : Quodling's Delight
  • J. Robinson : Voluntary from the Southgate ms
  • J.-P. Rameau : Gavotte
  • C. Franck : 3 pièces de L'organiste
  • S. Wesley : Voluntary 12th
  • S. S. Wesley : Andante in E minor
  • A. F. Hesse : Variations on an Original Theme
  • H. Scheidemann : Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her
  • H. Purcell : Voluntary on the 100th Psalm Tune
- Milborne Port English Old School and Museum
- Disque Classical Recording Compagny, 1999

Featuring eleven of the instruments in the EOS collection,
including organs by Snetzler (1769), James Davis (c. 1795), William Gray (c. 1810),
John Clark (1858), White of Dublin(?) (1865), Collins (1984),
harpsichords and a harmonium.

 4 - Jennifer BATE
 • English Organ Anthology- Stanley to Wesley •
  • S. Wesley
  • J. Stanley
  • G. F. Haendel
  • J. Travers
  • W. Walond
  • M. Greene
  • S. Long
  • J. Nares
  • C. Burney
  • W. Croft
  • W. Boyce
  • J. Reading
  • T. Roseingrave
  • W. Russell
  • T. S. Dupuis
  • J. Keeble
  • S. Stubley
  • H. Heron
  • H. Hook
- Adlington Hall, Kenwood House, Killerton House, Broadclyst, Everingham
- Disque Les Aldrich; Unicorn, Regis Records, 1989, 1990 , 5CDs

  4 discos  

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