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  2 discos  

 1 - Carol WILLIAMS
   • Tour Bus goes to Disney Hall •
  • N. Rimski-Korsakov : Flight of the Bumble Bee (on pedals)
  • J. S. Bach : Toccata in d minor
  • L. Marchand : Grand Dialogue
  • C. Williams : Twilight, Dark Friesian
  • I. Kleive : Toccata
- Los Angeles Disney Hall
- Disque Tourbus MCTDVD7, 2010
Interviews with:
Frank Gehry, Architect of the building
Manuel Rosales, Voicer and Curator of the organ
Phil Smith, Conservator demonstrates the organ
Fred Swann, The Inaugural Disney Concert Organist

 2 - Carol WILLIAMS
  • C. Tournemire : Choral Improvisation sur le ”Victimae Paschali”
  • I. Kleive : Toccata ”Stire Gud, Vi Lover Deg”
  • K. Jenkins : Trumpeting Organ Morgan, Theme from Palladio - Hymn, Adiemus ; Songs of Sanctuary- Adiemus, Adiemus ; Sons of Sanctuary - Now as a spirit, Requiem - In these stones horizons sing- Benedictus, the armed man ; A Mass for peace- Celebratio - Pie Jesu, Requiem - Cantilena, The Best of Adiemus - The Snow of yesterday
- Dudelange St-Martin
- Disque Melcot;, 2006

  2 discos  

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