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 1 - Paul DERRETT
 • Benchmarks Vol. 6 - Folkestone and Hythe, Kent •
  • C. Avison : Concerto n°2
  • F. Bridge : Allegretto Grazioso
  • A. Ridout : Scherzo
  • S. Wesley : Introduction and Aria Cantabile
  • F. Scotson Clark : Vienna March
  • A. Hollins : Spring Song
  • P. Whitlock : Fantasy Choral n°1
  • M. Reger : Prelude and Fugue D op. 65
  • D. Sanger : Petite Suite française
  • W. G. Alcock : Introduction and Passacaglia
  • G. Waterhouse : Variations on a theme by Pachelbel
- Folkestone St-Saviour’s, Hythe St-Michael’s, Saltwood St-Peter and St-Paul, Folkestone St-Mary and St-Eanswythe’s, Folkestone Holy Trinity, Hythe St-Leonard’s
- Disque Fry-Derrett;, 2001
Folkestone St-Saviour’s, JW Walker/Renshaw 1903 II/14
Hythe St-Michael’s, Bishop/Browne ca. 1840 I/5
Saltwood St-Peter and St-Paul, Walker/Willis ca. 1870 III/22
Folkestone St-Mary and St-Eanswythe’s, Hill and Son/Norman and Beard 1894 III/38
Folkestone Holy Trinity, Bishop/JW Walker 1888 III/44
Hythe St-Leonard’s, Harrison and Harrison/Browne 1935 III/43

  1 disc  

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