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Mercredi 7 Juin
Strasbourg (67)
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  2 discs  

 1 - Martin NEARY
 • Organ Music From St. Margaret's, Westminster •
  • J. Stanley : A Trumpet Voluntary
  • L. Vierne : Scherzetto
  • T. Arne : Con Spirito (from Concerto No. 3)
  • J. Ibert : Musette
- Londres St-Margaret's Westminster
- Disque Abbey, 1967
orgue J. W. Walker, 1897 (Lemare)

 2 - Simon PRESTON, Félix APRAHAMIAN, Ralph DOWNES, Francis JACKSON, Martin NEARY, Allan WICKS, Andrew DAVIS, Gillian WEIR, John Dykes BOWER, John BIRCH
 • Organ In Sanity & Madness •
  • M. E. Bossi : Etude Symphonique [SP]
     - : The Winchester Organ [FA, RD]
  • P. A. Soler : Concerto In C (2nd movement) [FJ & MN]
  • A. Ridout : L'Orgue Concrete (Il Combattimento d'Organo E Batteria) [AW, James Blades percussions]
  • A. Sullivan : The Lost Chord [AD, The King's College Choir Of Cambridge, The Jacques Orchestra, dir. D. Willcocks]
  • J. N. Lemmens : The Storm [AW]
  • G. Jacob : Les Heures Bourguignonnes [GW]
  • S. Wesley : Duet For Organ [JDB & JB]
  • J. Mccabe : Miniconcerto [GW, James Blades percussions]
  • G. Jacob [Gordon] : Humpty Dumpty [The King's College Choir Of Cambridge, The Jacques Orchestra, dir. D. Willcocks, James Blades, SP, JB, JDB]
- Londres Royal Albert Hall
- Disque Abbey – ABY 606, 1966, The King's College Choir Of Cambridge, The Jacques Orchestra
A recording of part of the concert devised by Peter Hurford for The Royal College Of Organists' Centenary Appeal and given at the Royal Albert Hall, London on September 24th, 1966.

  2 discs  

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