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  2 disques  

 1 - Carol WILLIAMS
 • Music From Blenheim Palace •
- Woodstock Blenheim Palace
- Disque OS Digital – OS 243, 1999
father Willis organ.
Songs of Praise (Herbert Chappell)
Trumpet Tune and Air (Henry Purcell)
Fanfare (Nicolas Jacques Lemmens)
Toccata, Symphony No.5, Op.42 (Charles-Marie Widor)
Salut d'Amour (Sir Edward Elgar)
Trumpet Voluntary (Jeremiah Clarke)
Liberty Bell (John Philip Sousa)
Andantino (Edwin Henry Lemare)
Festival Toccata (Percy Fletcher)
FolkTune (Percy Whitlock)
March from the Occasional Oratorio (George Frideric Handel)

Compositions performed at the opening recital in 1891:
Fantasia Op.117 (Edouard Silas)
O for the Wings of A Dove (Felix Mendelssohn)
The Lost Chord (Sir Arthur Sullivan)

Compositions included as a tribute to the late Sir Winston Churchill:
England's Glory (Nigel Ogden)
Jupiter Theme: I Vow to Thee My Country (Gustav Holst)
In the News (Tony Harrison and Richard Johnson)
The Spitfire (Sir William Walton)
Jerusalem (Sir Hubert Parry)

 2 - Edward Power BIGGS
   • The organ in America •
  • Anonyme : Tunes from Colonila America
  • Wm. Billings : Hymn Tune ”Chester”
  • Wm. Selby : Fugue Or Voluntary In D Major
  • J. C. Moller : Sonata in D
  • J. Hewitt : The Battle Of Trenton
  • D. M. Michael : Six Movements From The Instrumental Suites
  • W. Brown : Rondo in G
  • B. Yarnold : March in D
  • O. Shaw : Trip To Pawtucket
  • C. Ives : Variations on America*
- Salem Essex Institute, Reading Historical Society, Boston Old North Church, York Historical Society, Pierrepont Manor Episcopal Church, Charleston Huguenot Church, Woodstock First Universalist Church *
- Disque Columbia masterworks, 1960
”The Organ In America: Being a Survey of the Organ-Builder's art as practised in these United Stated from the Revolution until the War Between the States with many Sounds of the actual Instruments playing lively Tunes & Musicks of the Day. Collected & Performed by E. Power Biggs with divers Articles and Illustrations of this Fascinating but Little-Known Inheritance.”

  2 disques  

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