Michael THOMSON, Musique d'orgue
 1 - John KITCHEN
   • British light music on the organ of the Usher Hall, Edinburgh •
  • A. Sullivan : The Gondoliers; Ouverture & Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast? (Arr. J. Kitchen ) de The Pirates of Penzance; The Mikado; The Yeomen of the Guard; The Tempest - Introduction op. 1 (Arr. E.C. Bairstow )
  • M. Thomson : On the Square; Parc de Paris; Salute to Busby Berkeley; The Bard's Ceremonial; Whirly-Granny; A Bouquet of Roses; Tullich to Inverey
- Edinburgh Usher Hall
- Disque Delphian;, Mars 2018

Source: base de donnée discographique Alain CARTAYRADE